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Frontier Motel
Frontier Motel

Music Video
My Enemy
My Enemy

Music Video
Idle Thought
Idle Thought

Photo by Bill Goodman

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The Clairvoyant
Solo Acoustic

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Photo by Terry Miller

New Record, Videos & Updates:

– New Music Video – Broken Poets “We Were The World” (YouTube)

– Broken Poets Frontier Motel (Exclusively Sold at This Link)

– Tim’s personal vlog about the new record – (YouTube)

– Short Story The Exact Moment (Broken Poets origination story) Published in (The Sun Magazine)

– Subscribe to our YouTube Channel – (BROKEN POETS)

For the Death of Dustin Essary:
a music novel – Available In Print (Amazon.com) And in its original online version (amusicnovel.com)

– Featured Article in (Skope Magazine)
– Featured Article in Issue 7 of (The Wolfian, UK)
– Guest feature article on Roz Morris’s (Undercover Soundtrack)
– “We really enjoyed this book” – (Boundless Book Reviews)
– AZ Republic Article on the book – (AZ-Central.com)

– Broken Poets “Once Before” featured on The Sound,
100.3 FM, Los Angeles (The Sound) (segment starts around 25:28)

– Tempe Center for the Arts – Songwriters Showcase XIII
Featured on PBS – See it here @ (TCA.com)

– Live performance of “So Be it” on (Live @ Bob’s)

– Broken Poets featured on, (Man Vs. Radio, Ep 8)

– Broken Poets on Pandora (Artist Page)

– Addicted To Pop (Feature Article)

Broken Poets (2000 – 2020) catalog available on iTunes.

Original Music Novel
Now available in print

Forever Once Already

Everything in Nature CD

Broken Poets EP

Optimism in E minor CD