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Idle Thought
Idle Thought

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The Clairvoyant
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Tuesday, Jan. 27th. 9:00PM
“In The Round” With Shawn Johnson & Walt Richarson @ Rockbar

For the Death of Dustin Essary
(Music book project) Is scheduled for release this year!
“I’m really excited to be close to finishing this project. It’s been a long road to try to get my original vision worked out, but I think I’m finally close! I can’t wait to share it with you guys, though.
Sincerely, Tim.

Broken Poets on Pandora! Artist Page

New song / live (This intro is pretty funny) – So Be It

Lana’s debut EP! Addicted To Pop

Addicted To Pop! Feature Article

All songs on the music player below are available on our music page, and there are some free downloads listed to your right.

We’re truly independent here, producing and promoting all our music through our own label Wordvendor Records Which means we’re mainly under the radar since we have very limited resources. And, I know, yawn, it’s the artists sob story of the ages by now. But my point is, whether you spread the word, or buy our music, it means a lot to us here, so Thanks! Sincerely, Tim

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Everything in Nature CD
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Idle Thought
To Dream of Another Life

Broken Poets EP
Free Song Downloads:
The Clairvoyant
For the Death of Dustin Essary

Optimism in E minor CD