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A Subconscious Intervention

He’s looking outside himself again – It’s the same position as before – Always blaming someone or something – without ever taking into consideration all the other truth available – Symbols seem to help him, though – The Christ cross – the Bodhi tree – or whatever else he might happen upon – or it’s flat out back to Atheism or some other unimaginable extreme position – Or a day of Pema Chodron leads to a day of Alan Watts, which leads him back to Richard Alpert and then it’s a full-on personal growth revelation at that point – every savior needs a victim –

No, he needs to find it in himself this time – And not that we haven’t tried – like with music, he listens – From “The last living boy in New York” a few weeks ago – and Sam Cooke was good for him – and then on to Jacques Brel “The City Has Fallen Asleep” and he even learned a few more words in French, so that’s Three now – then on to Son House “Death Letter Blues” which lead him straight through Tom and Jerry’s dream, and “A Bridge over Troubled Water” my ass – he’s got it  so easy –

So maybe it’s time to try a deeper realm – another symbolic dream perhaps – like the one where that little mouse gets away, till he finally sees the part of himself he’s trying to catch – Or take him out beyond the cosmic realm, out past all the preconditions – where all his excuses lose their will, it’s where his best ideas are hidden –

Because he does pay attention now and then – or at least it seems that way, for all it’s worth – he still tries to escape from it, though – those emotions he runs from – his “unfortunate past” remember? – Right about the same time he forgets the present moment again – Because “It’s all happening at once” – remember when he said that? – What an idiot –

But it’s the numbing that bothers me the most – those futile attempts to control what’s beyond his own realm – through the social web, or some media craze, and if you think it’s a problem then a drug gets made – but it’s all the same drug for sale –

So let’s just scare him a little maybe, really wake him up this time – get his brother to irritate him first and then in through the back door we’ll come – teach him to be grateful for what he has already – there’s so much to be grateful for – like this Billion to one chance to complain about his life on a planet that might not be around much longer –

And a while ago, when he got so close – back when he almost had it all worked out– through all of the real and imaginary pain he accepted – and he actually moved beyond it for a moment – It was beautiful, though, when he trusted himself – because we all know that’s what it’s all about –

It’s just not the same anymore, though, I don’t think – like our Century got lost in the Neanderthal wing – because it’s an extreme in every direction these days – and even the good is bad when you look at it for too long that way – So maybe reality needs a marketing plan, because it’s just too boring for most people – I mean, I understand – it’s even boring for me to watch him –

And I suppose he’ll try to accomplish something now – try to manipulate some love out of someone, somewhere, somehow – So now I’m going to need to try something else – maybe give him some more back pain so he listens to doctor Sarno – because everybody knows his extreme beliefs and resulting behaviors are all psychosomatic as well – But he never hears it from that point of view, he just complains about the world again and then his back is still killing him too –

So maybe I’ll just put some voices in his head, like some psycho killer, but the voices would be good instead – like just a word or a phrase while he’s lying half awake, like “TRAVERS” was a good one – or “FILL ME UP” with that image of Saraswati –

Or maybe I should just come out and say it at this point, just to see if he still disagrees – that the world he’s been living in was a lie he constructed, and that the truth he’s been looking for is… – well, I am him (along with some other cosmic related spiritually evolved aspects we won’t get into here) but he’ll probably never believe me –

Beutiful Sky

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