True to its provocative name, the New York-launched, Phoenix-based band Broken Poets has been exploring exciting new ground with their lyric-driven, modern indie rock for over a decade. The band’s founder, singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Tim McDonald, is a throwback to an era when lyrics were king and fans craved songs that pierced the soul and could change the world. One critic said it best about the songs McDonald brings to life with his Broken Poets partner, classically trained Russian pianist, Svetlana Antropova, and a revolving series of top side players: “Soulful poetry turned into song, rock & roll and introspection all in one.”

Broken Poets’ 2017 release, Forever Once Already, recorded at STEM Recording Studios, stays the course and takes listeners on a cosmic journey via McDonald’s sobering yet evocative lyrics, asking us to question our existence on this planet and what we can do to make it better. Elon Musk would be proud. Good headphones make the trip first class.

In 2015, McDonald completed an ambitious autobiographical music book project, For the Death of Dustin Essary: a music novel, which includes Broken Poets music as an interactive part of the story. The idea originated from their 2011 self-titled EP, which included a song about Dustin (Tim’s childhood friend) whose untimely death from cancer at the age of 13 is what originally lead Tim to songwriting as a refuge. The book is now available in print through (Amazon.com) and here in its original multi-media format: (amusicnovel.com)

Broken Poets’ third full-length 2008 release, Everything in Nature, was centered around and dedicated to promoting a more globally conscious relationship to nature and ourselves. This record is available on (Pandora) Spotify, and iTunes, among other sites. The song “Once Before” was recently featured on L.A.’s The Sound, 100.3 FM, and Man Vs Radio podcast.

Broken Poets’ 2006 release, Optimism in E minor, enjoyed a successful college radio campaign, with medium to heavy rotation on more than 140 radio stations nationwide and peaked at #13 on the Most Stations Added chart.

The band’s previous album, Reincarnation, was released in 2003 through Hayden’s Ferry Records via City Hall distribution, and earned solid airplay and critical acclaim.

Broken Poets first formed in NYC, where McDonald joined forces with top session bassist/producer Keith Lentin (Beach Boys, Keith Richards, Link Ray) and drummer Jonathan Mover (Fuel, Alice Cooper, Aretha Franklin) with their first gig at the legendary Bitter End in Greenwich Village. Broken Poets have performed at Whisky-A-Go-Go, Molly Malone’s, and The Key Club, and have opened shows for Seven Mary Three, James McMurtry, Ian Moore, and The Court & Spark.

McDonald released his debut effort, Looking for Aldous Huxley, in 2000, produced by acclaimed FOH sound engineer, Robert Scovill (Tom Petty, Prince, Rush). The song “Welcome to My Life” was selected for a Clear Channel compilation disc and the song “Velvet Elvis” was used as a promotional demo for Neumann Microphones. In 2001, the song “Dying to Tell You” was selected for an ASCAP Songwriter showcase in NYC.