August 2, 2015, Author: wordvendor,

“Alternative Media” …Vs. “THE MEDIA”

For anyone following on the internet, some form of fringe “Alternative Media” I hate to break it to you, but you’re just another form of sheeple following them! You’re their demographic! Because they all make money from advertisements to run their businesses, just like all the major news outlets do. And if they’re not using investigative journalism to make any real social change, or finally uncovering any real evidence to make a difference in the world, well then “all” they’re doing is making money off of you. And yes, it’s the BIG, hard to prove theories that are perfect for this. We’ll prove it some day! – If only it wasn’t for the government keeping the evidence hidden! – Keep tuning in to find out, though – Don’t give up the good fight! – all long, perfectly exploiting our sincere desire for some ultimate justice.

And then the other bogus argument, that we’re all just being manipulated by the major media outlets on what to be outraged about next… like…“Lets get them mad about the Lion now! Then the confederate flag again next week!” Well, again, remember it’s a business they’re running, so they’ll obviously want to cover stories that might appeal to the majority of us. And since the majority of us all care about these things, and like to see if we can help change things for the better somehow, well that’s why they cover it. (and yes, they cover certain things too much sometimes, and yes we all get behind certain causes more than others – so they cover it more) But notice when there is an important story uncovered, with real evidence to back it up – government atrocities included (Edward Snowden’s evidence comes to mind) they still cover that all month also.

And no, it’s not a perfect system. And, of course, the more alternative news outlets we have, the better. But if your following a source of news that’s always got the carrot hanging out front… Or, who just caters to a certain political demographic, either extreme, that is… well, maybe just tune in later- like another 12 years from now, and see if they’ve gotten to the bottom of it yet. In the meantime, you’re more than welcome to join up with our herd again, at least we’re getting a little grazing done. 🙂

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