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Dear Mr. Jones. My name is Bill Sounders and I’ve been following conspiracy theories since the early 1980’s. I have great respect for your work and I’m doing my best to follow all the new conspiracies you guys cover. I do have one suggestion (which I mention below) but overall, I think you’re a great … Read more

Letter to Chuck: Hi Chuck, I know we’ve talked a lot about politics off and on through the years, and we’ve agreed on some things, and disagreed on others (always policy related) but we’ve always gotten along fine, I think. And there’s no reason we can’t keep doing that, or just don’t bring it up … Read more

Over the past year it’s like our country has become a dysfunctional family, trying to survive the presence of an abusive, manipulative, dishonest father. Where the majority of us who know what he’s about ( or always have known) refuse to accept his behavior as “Normal” and keep speaking out. Yes, with the hope of … Read more

So, you’re alive. One unique chance in 400 Quadrillion. Out here amongst the stars, and with this beautiful planet to inhabit too. You’re not alone though, since 7 Billion others want the same things you do. We’re this massive human collective trying to imagine progress, but with more attention on technology than working on ourselves … Read more

(This post has the potential of making you feel a little better, but at the same time a lot worse?) But it just dawned on me what’s actually going on. I was thinking last night of how North Korea just fired those missiles, basically crossing our little Mr. fire and furry boys line in the … Read more

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