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He’s looking outside himself again – It’s the same position as before – Always blaming someone or something – without ever taking into consideration all the other truth available – Symbols seem to help him, though – The Christ cross – the Bodhi tree – or whatever else he might happen upon – or it’s … Read more

After any visit with my aunt Llory Boynton, and it didn’t matter how long or for what reason, you just felt better. Like how you feel when you hear a beautiful song, or read some meaningful poetry. She just brought that inspired trans-formative sense out in all of us. She was my mom away from … Read more

For anyone following on the internet, some form of fringe “Alternative Media” I hate to break it to you, but you’re just another form of sheeple following them! You’re their demographic! Because they all make money from advertisements to run their businesses, just like all the major news outlets do. And if they’re not using … Read more

So if I get hired to do a job, then I have every right to be upset if I’m not compensated for it. But with any artistic endeavor, it’s like choosing to do a job that no one ever asked you to do in the first place – at least in the beginning, anyway. So … Read more

We have an old tube vinyl player with an assortment of old records to go with it, many different artists and styles that we’ve collected, and even though they’re all in pretty bad shape they still sound better than digital somehow. But once in a while when people are over I’ll crank it up just … Read more

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