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As a part of any human group, league, race, corporation, organized religion, etc, etc… Rather than worry about ourselves being painted with a broad brush individually within any given group, why not do our best collectively to address the reasons for which a negative generalization is being made about the group we belong to in … Read more

This Op/Ed was published here I had the same dream as every other unsigned musician when the internet (supposedly) leveled the playing field. This is going to be great, I remember thinking. I can just do it on my own now! Who needs a label? All I have to do is put it out there, … Read more

It seems to me that fear is the resistance in our minds of having to make a choice. The choice between the notion, or idea, that there is something we must do, against an existing idea of remaining where we’re at; which always seems easier since we’re familiar with it. So maybe all our fears, … Read more

In my opinion, the atheists are no closer to the truth than the staunchly religious, and the agnostics are just lazy. Why is it that the discussion/argument between atheism and religious faith is so absolute? Science has yet to explain the origin of life itself, or to measure the existence of the soul, which leaves … Read more

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