October 22, 2016, Author: wordvendor,

Besides the obvious flat out racists

All the retired and middle-aged white people, with enough extra money and time to go to Trump rallies, as well as enjoying the constitutional freedom to complain about what a “Disaster” they’re convinced our country has become, might make us all proud to remember the dignified standards of behavior they’ve always held up as an example – until recently.

Honestly (political differences aside) before Trump, hasn’t it always been an unspoken given for our presidential candidates (and most public figures, for that matter) to exhibit the best qualities of our humanity? And yet this guy acts like a spoiled six year old on a daily basis and they keep pretending he’s cute. Or they just deny he even says anything out of the ordinary.

And even if it is (at worst) some mad-men era cultural reversal a lot of these people are hoping for, then maybe just imagine what someone like Frank Sinatra or John Wayne would think of this guy? Frank would say he’s a punk, for sure, and John Wayne would just beat his ass. Just like Biden and De Niro hope to do when this is all over.

All I can hope is (what appears to be these “HUGE” turnouts at his rallies) is actually just a minuscule demographic VS an enormous silent majority of voters who will send a message on Nov. 8th. That, yes, the system is rigged… it’s rigged to avoid those who represent the worst parts of our nature – by using our right to vote.

(For any of my conservative minded friends who still believe in this guy (and I understand it might have been fun to toy with the idea at first) but just try and remember the dignity in which you go about your everyday life as an example, and then think of the totality of what this guy has said and done over the last two years. ( We don’t act like this, because we know it’s wrong) – ( unless you secretly want to say these things, but in that case I can’t help you) And I understand if you’re not voting for Hillary. But to vote for Trump is to vote against your own civility, in my opinion. Get a hold of yourself man – yes you, friend.)


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