“Soulful poetry turned into song, rock & roll and introspection all in one.”
Jessie Nelson, ASU College Times

“Tim McDonald of Broken Poets sounds like Michael Stipe meets, Bob Dylan.”
Evan James, American Songwriter Magazine

“Broken Poets, Everything In Nature is a great CD.
It is for the music enthusiast looking to dive deeper and step outside the mainstream.”
Mikey Frieds, Skope Magazine

“Broken Poets is full of creativity as they dare to be original
on their new self titled EP. Music, art, life and philosophy all come rushing out
of Tim McDonald & Lana Antropova as they attempt to put it all in perspective for you.
The introduction is intriguing to say the least with many more chapters to go,
so we’ll all be patiently waiting for the conclusion of this new project by Broken Poets.”
Jimmy Rae, Scope Magazine

“The way in which the Broken Poets begin this, their latest release, is amazing.
Their control over the overall atmosphere in which this initial effort – “Singularity” – resides
will be what brings fans in.”

James McQuiston, Neufurtur

“McDonald’s songs connect on several levels – he’s got a delivery that
makes him sound like every man, and a prose style that makes him sound like every man
finally speaking up about his lot in life.”

Serene Dominic, Phoenix New Times

“The word “hype” lives up to its definition so much; it’s nice when an artist can too.
To that end, there are the Broken Poets, or more specifically, singer/songwriter Tim McDonald.
Largely unknown outside the Southwest, McDonald belongs to a select company of eloquent souls
who can paint a mesmerizing picture out of the simplest words. Couple that with a striking,
yet understated backing band, and you have a collective that, while not on the ears of a
worldwide audience, awes the ones it does come in contact with.”

Wade Coggeshall, Nuvo Newsweekly