December 4, 2017, Author: wordvendor,

Broken Poets – Forever Once Already

So, you’re alive. One unique chance in 400 Quadrillion. Out here amongst the stars, and with this beautiful planet to inhabit too. You’re not alone though, since 7 Billion others want the same things you do. We’re this massive human collective trying to imagine progress, but with more attention on technology than working on ourselves instead – and every industry’s a sad reflection of it. And so what’s the point of it all, anyway, someone always says. Well, you’re alive, one chance in 400 Quadrillion, did you even hear what I just said? So why not try, why not grow, why not change, why not hope to make some progress with our humanity someday? To lean towards our better nature, rather than away from it. To think about others in relation to ourselves and be the better for it. To try and make this world a better place, as they say, or maybe just do the right thing and maintain it. Because what a unique and fortunate privilege to even be here, I think, as painful as our lives can be. And let’s just say we do blow the whole thing up, we’re all thinking it’s going to happen eventually. Well, there’s a chance the very advancements we’re making with science and technology will be what allows us to escape. To move on to some new beautiful planet, even though we had it all right here anyway. Ok, then maybe with a vow to grow as human beings first the next time, before we repeat all the same mistakes. So I imagined this record as something we might write on that journey, an honest reflection of our lives back on earth – forever once already.

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