Broken Poets – Frontier Motel

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Frontier Motel

Broken Poets – Frontier Motel

“Re-inspired by the music and emotion from my past,
my goal was to produce this record as a modern, independent, tribute
to the 60’s 70’s and 80’s top 40 FM radio classics I grew up on.”
Tim/Broken Poets

– Tim’s vlog about the new record – (YouTube)

Why 22 bucks?
When I was 22, I gave up alcohol and drugs to focus on my songwriting as honestly as I could.
Three decades later, this conscious approach to music and my life is what led me to this 7th independent release.
This record took over four years to make and cost $16,386.00 to professionally produce. So, yes, besides the symbolic
gesture with the 22$ asking price, we also broke the bank on this one. But being back with Curtis Grippe
and Thomas Laufenberg @ STEM Recording was worth every penny. And I’m also proud to say that
veteran Mastering engineers Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone (Born To Run, Breakfast In America,
Bon Iver, The War on Drugs) did the Mastering for us. This record’s a modern,
independent tribute to the past; it’s our Hotel California on an indie budget, if you will.
It’s Broken Poets’ Frontier Motel goddammit! I think it’s a fair asking price.
Sincerely, Tim/Broken Poets

1. Survival Drive
2. Frontier Motel
3. Subconscious Intervention
4. Someone Else
5. I know It’s Me
6. One Hundred Million Lifetimes
7. Strange Loop
8. Mr. Rogers
9. Nostalgia
10. Evolution

Produced by Tim McDonald
Mixed by Curtis Grippe at STEM Recording Studios
Mastered by Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone at Sterling Audio

Recorded at STEM Recording Studios
Engineered by Curtis Grippe
Additional Engineering by Thomas Laufenberg

Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica – Tim McDonald
Piano – Svetlana Antropova
Drums & Percussion – Curtis Grippe
Bass – Michael McDonald
Lead & Rhythm Guitar – Thomas Laufenberg
Twelve-string Acoustic – Mike McDaniel

All songs by Tim McDonald

Cover Art by Cindy Hayton at Statchoo