So, you’re alive. One unique chance in 400 Quadrillion. Out here amongst the stars, and with this beautiful planet to inhabit too. You’re not alone though, since 7 Billion others want the same things you do. We’re this massive human collective trying to imagine progress, but with more attention on technology than working on ourselves … Read more

(This post has the potential of making you feel a little better, but at the same time a lot worse?) But it just dawned on me what’s actually going on. I was thinking last night of how North Korea just fired those missiles, basically crossing our little Mr. fire and furry boys line in the … Read more

This is the last known photo of my dad. He was a drifter, a ruffian, a troublemaker, of sorts. Left for a pack of smokes one day and never came back, I’m told. It was pretty sad. … Not really, he was great, actually. He drank too much, which wasn’t easy to be around, but … Read more

There will be no savior or lotto win, or golden ticket that comes – only our incremental steps that add up, eventually. A life not speculated on, but lived. It’s where my newfound happiness originated.

All the retired and middle-aged white people, with enough extra money and time to go to Trump rallies, as well as enjoying the constitutional freedom to complain about what a “Disaster” they’re convinced our country has become, might make us all proud to remember the dignified standards of behavior they’ve always held up as an … Read more

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