dysfunctional family

Over the past year it’s like our country has become a dysfunctional family, trying to survive the presence of an abusive, manipulative, dishonest father. Where the majority of us who know what he’s about ( or always have known) refuse to accept his behavior as “Normal” and keep speaking out. Yes, with the hope of bringing the whole family together against him – to kick him out of the house, finally. Unfortunately, there’s still a part of our family in denial, who insist on enabling him, making excuse after excuse for him. Still holding on to who they thought he was, even though they know in their gut that something seems very wrong. I guess it’s just too painful for them to admit it to themselves yet, and that’s what he’s counting on so he can stay. And then there’s our bat shit crazy uncle, who’s character is just as damaged. He still loves him. Says we’re all babies! Let’s hope our shitty uncle dies, and the rest of us come together soon and can agree on the obvious – our family deserves much better.

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