February 14, 2012, Author: wordvendor,

Where are all the spiritual moderates?

In my opinion, the atheists are no closer to the truth than the staunchly religious, and the agnostics are just lazy. Why is it that the discussion/argument between atheism and religious faith is so absolute? Science has yet to explain the origin of life itself, or to measure the existence of the soul, which leaves the atheist’s view incomplete. And the various different religious faiths are not open to any other options. But is it such a stretch to believe there might be an aria of truth between these two extremes? From this place I have found myself in a sort of secular/spiritual middle ground; between accepting the scientific facts of evolution/natural selection and the laws of nature and the universe we’ve discovered so far, respecting the positive, spiritual, and moral lessons available to us through the various different creation myths, and at the same time honoring my own personalized spiritual sensibility.

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