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Letter to Chuck:

Letter to Chuck:

Hi Chuck,
I know we’ve talked a lot about politics off and on through the years, and we’ve agreed on some things, and disagreed on others (always policy related) but we’ve always gotten along fine, I think. And there’s no reason we can’t keep doing that, or just don’t bring it up anymore, since it’s become much different now.

But I wanted you to know why I think trump is such a despicable person, and why I’m so worried about what he’s doing. Because for me it’s hardly about right or left policy anymore. And I understand he’s delivering on a lot of the policy changes you and more conservative mined people have wanted, so you guys like that, I get it.

Although, I do think those financial policies will look good for a while (just like they did with Bush) but then cause another huge crash like what happened in 08. Those were conservative financial policies that caused all that, and democratic policies through Obama brought us back out of it, and we’re stable now. But trump is like Bush on steroids in this way, so it will be a miracle if we don’t get through it this time without a depression rather than just another recession. This is just my opinion going by what I saw with Bush. And I know you disagree, and that’s fine, I can respect that. We’ll just have to see what happens.

But my real problem with trump is the way he’s going about getting you to support him. By making you think that people like me are the enemy. People just like Lana and I, and so many of my family and friends, great people who care about truth and fairness and democracy, just like you and Judy. You know who I am, and yes I’m “a liberal” but you know I’m a good person. So for trump to do this, to keep dividing us like this, is the sickest display of a leader I’ve ever seen. This is what dictators do, they divide people. Look up the word, demagogue, since this has happened many times throughout history with other countries, so they have a word for leaders like this. Hitler was a populist and a demagogue at first, and we know how that turned out.

They make you think Immigrants are the enemy, and minorities, and the “liberal elites” who defend them are even worse. That African American football players are disrespecting you and your flag, rather than try to understand what they are protesting for and acknowledge that it’s their flag too. That the “liberal news media” are all liars and out to get him, that the FBI is the “deep state” and out to get him. That he’s the victim of this huge conspiracy and you guys need to defend him. Honestly Chuck, this is really scary stuff, since he won’t even honor the next election results if he loses.

AND IT’S WORKING. With every disgusting thing he’s done, over and over, every day it’s something new, but conservatives are still backing him. He even cheated on his wife with a porn star. Lol. It’s just unbelievable that family values conservatives would still stand by him.

And if that isn’t enough, and this really disgusted me, he came out on national television last year and said that the white supremacists (basically, Nazi’s) that had that huge rally with tiki torches in Charlottesville, were “Good people” and was against the inti-fascists who were rallying against them. And he’s never condemned that Alt- right movement. So now that same hateful, white supremacists group from Charlottesville feel so empowered (since the president supports them) that they’re holding a “White Civil Rights Rally” in Washington DC, this coming August 11, and 12. Watch for it, I’m not making this up.

I never imagined in a million years that the president of the (United) States would defend people like this and try to divide us so much.

Yes, I’m a liberal minded person, more progressive with my views, but you’ve known me for ten years and you know I’m a decent person.

trump is not. And the policy changes you’re getting because of him will never be worth the hateful division he’s creating between all of us. A good leader at least tries to bring people together, to represent all of us, not make half of us the enemy.

I can see the doubts on your face when you talk about him, so I know you’re hoping he will work out somehow. I assure you, he won’t.

Please feel free to share this letter with any of your family or conservative friends so they don’t just keep hearing the trump talking points.

I really hope he draws the final line with you guys soon (can’t imagine what that could be, Lol)

If not, he’ll just keep dividing us more and more and no good can ever come from that.
Your concerned neighbor and friend,

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