November 24, 2015, Author: wordvendor,

My Amazing Aunt Llory

After any visit with my aunt Llory Boynton, and it didn’t matter how long or for what reason, you just felt better. Like how you feel when you hear a beautiful song, or read some meaningful poetry. She just brought that inspired trans-formative sense out in all of us. She was my mom away from mom when I screwed up as a kid ( I’m so glad I messed up so I got to live with her, by the way ) and she survived my mom by 20 years so she became my mom away from mom again, till just yesterday. ( I think they had an agreement) But I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, this effect she’s had on all of us. And it struck me how most of us need an instrument or some form of creative medium to try to communicate this same effect, where she just brought it to us firsthand. Like some direct liaison to that beauty we all try to reach in the world. Which is how I know she’s still with us. She is it and always has been.
( She gave this superpower to all her sons as well, my wonderful cousins, Paul, John, Ken, Fred, David.)
I love this picture Ken just posted, and his beautiful insights about this remarkable woman we all love.My Aunt Llory
Yesterday, Mom passed away, quietly and with a smile. She was our Mom, but she belonged to a lot of people who will deeply feel her absence. She was a friend, an advisor, a spiritual force, and a lover of all creatures (who loved her back…this is a woman who coaxed a hummingbird to land in her hand so she could gently carry it outside). Her yard was host to deer, cats, birds, dogs, squirrels, rodents, eagles…and stray humans. We all carry her in our hearts.

This photo is from 1990 or so…it’s one of my favorites…she was always seeking clarity and perspective.

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