It’s an incredible perspective
Being down in it and above it at once
Maneuvering my way through and then above
an ever expanding imaginary city
Still crossing back over at points
Remembering within the same experience
I recognize it all as familiar
Unconscious of the reasons I find it necessary to resist
And to forget so easily seems convenient
Though it’s sure to continue on again the following night
From a residue of energy waiting just where I had left it
Where the incomprehensible and the obvious combine
And where my unconscious willingness to grow
eludes all efforts to escape it

Written By, Tim H. McDonald

Block X

This is where I was born
I, being the, Idea, I mean
The idea behind what this city block would first become
Then on to the countless opinions upon which this place would develop and evolve
There are so many different vantage points from where I have been influenced and have changed
All of which are no less important than the one before it
I’ve been remembered as the place that saved a father’s life and where a loved one once had passed
I’ve been despised but still used as a home to live and sleep when there was nowhere else
And there have been wonderful evenings spent in my midst with exotic food and even some luck found after a few drinks
There have also been arguments initiated in my regard but never to any productive end
And I have seen the world of other ideas grow and change around me so that I now feel left behind in some ways
And in other ways I hope to stay the same in spite of it all
The way I was first thought of
A place where people go, and work, and express their lives and thoughts
A location unlike any other that holds its real secrets in the ground beneath it
That energy you feel, either good, or bad, or indifferent when you enter a place
That is also a part of who I am
And now these people who are inclined to pay closer attention
To show a specific view from how I might see it
And to attempt to tell my story of how they think this might have happened
Although it is I who can express this best
Any time you’d like to visit

Written By, Tim H. McDonald,  for 26 Blocks Exhibit
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From the Souls point of view

I am
I am here on the inside
I am here inside this living body
which is here inside this strange place
And yet I still am here on the inside
And outside there are openings and boundaries and other seemingly dangerous things
And I can sense even more strangeness beyond this place
And yet I still am
I am here on the inside
On the inside
I am

But now those moments have passed
And I sense that as a means of survival and growth I must become open to this outside place
And I sense I must become something other than I am as a means to investigate
And so now
I am-someone
and I study
and I learn
and I fail
and I interoperate
and I accept
and I change
and I grow
and I create
and I follow
and I take
and I love
and I hate
and I feel
and I enjoy
and I give
and I struggle
and I deny
and I suffer
and I am-someone

and now I am in this moment
and I see a shadow on the wall
and I trace it back to the object in its way
and I trace that back to the light that shines beyond it
and I see that I am similar to that light
The source behind the object which is me as I am-someone
That casts a shadow forward which is my life
And I can see now we are all as personality’s
only objects casting shadows we call our lives

And now those moments have passed
And I realize I have forgotten
for I am still here on the inside
I have forgotten that on the inside, I am the presence that is the witness to all of this
And I am now both on the inside and at the same time I am-someone
Though I am beyond definition to even the outside someone I’ve become

And now those moments have past
And I am the mystery that exists only through this incarnation
Where the ideas and beliefs I’ve created do not affect or identify me
Where the extrapolations of the world do not offend or even frighten me
I am the life behind my senses and thoughts and feelings and passions
I am the life behind the growth I experience and the suffering I endure and the love I feel and give and create with all of its variations
And I am also the life behind all the fear and illusions I project
Like the light behind the curtain of who I pretend to be, but who I cannot be yet

And now I am back in this moment
And I am the impetus behind the action of writing this very sentence
And I am still here on the inside
And I am also the unexplainable essence of a hundred million lifetimes
I am the everlasting presence that has existed in every form for eternity
And yet I still am
I am here on the inside
From my soul’s point of view
I am

Written by Tim H. McDonald

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