December 23, 2014, Author: wordvendor,

Thanks for the inspiration Joe

We have an old tube vinyl player with an assortment of old records to go with it, many different artists and styles that we’ve collected, and even though they’re all in pretty bad shape they still sound better than digital somehow. But once in a while when people are over I’ll crank it up just to have something different in the background. So last night this happened, and I thought I’d put on an old Sinatra record since I figured the guest we had over would like it… but when I opened the player to put on old Frank, there was a record still there, and it freaked me a little since I didn’t remember playing it last, but just to see his name there, too – Joe Cocker – considering. But it stopped me in my tracks, knowing there was no way it felt right to take him off there, either. So, needless to say, Frank had to wait, and I remember now being obsessed a few months ago with this version of, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window… Listening now again,
Thanks for the inspiration Joe.

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