The broad brush line is bullshit:

As a part of any human group, league, race, corporation, organized religion, etc, etc…
Rather than worry about ourselves being painted with a broad brush individually within any given group,
why not do our best collectively to address the reasons for which a negative generalization is being made about the group we belong to in the first place. Or, are we not all responsible for the groups and institutions we represent?

The Catholic Church to not tolerate child molestation anymore… finally!
Police departments to not tolerate racial profiling or the unnecessary use of excessive force… it was just a few bad officers, right?
Responsible gun owners to not tolerate mass shooters by altering the ways in which those shootings are able to take place… someday, maybe?
All the progressive Muslim countries in the world to rally against Islamic extremism… Bill Maher wouldn’t know what to do with himself.
Hell, The National football league doesn’t tolerate domestic abuse anymore, right…wait…?

Or, should we just keep dodging our collective responsibilities behind bullshit half truth catch phrases like, Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people…
We might as well use a similar catch phrase for every one of these subjects then.

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