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The Last Conspiracy Theory

Dear Mr. Jones.

My name is Bill Sounders and I’ve been following conspiracy theories since the early 1980’s. I have great respect for your work and I’m doing my best to follow all the new conspiracies you guys cover. I do have one suggestion (which I mention below) but overall, I think you’re a great American who’s spreading the truth for all to hear it.

I’ll admit, with the internet, it’s been hard to keep up with all the new theories these days. I started out following UFO’s and Alien abductions, as well as a few Bigfoot sightings in the mid-eighties. I also started following Rods for a while (aka “skyfish”, “air rods”, or “solar entities”) in the nineties. The air rods actually seemed to go hand in hand with my UFO research, so it all made sense. I’ll admit my interest in Bigfoot was an outlier, but I’m sure he’s still out there as well.

My own personal discovery moment came in the summer of 1986, while some of my friends and I were on a camping trip up in in Prescott Arizona. It was on that trip when my closest friend, Phil, got abducted by a UFO. His abduction took place right outside our camp while the rest of us were sleeping. He said it happened exactly the way they say it does—how the ship pulled him up there and stripped him naked right away, how they strapped him on one of those tables with a bunch of lights around so he couldn’t see at all. Then, sure enough, these strange, Gumby looking guys gathered around and started doing tests on him and stuff. He even admitted later he got probed.

But I’ll never forget the moment he told me. When I realized it was all true. How I knew I’d been living in a false reality before that. I knew in that moment, that (I knew) the truth, and that nobody else could see it really. So I’ve been following alien abductions ever since and trying to get the word out.

My problem is, ever since 9/11 happened, nobody covers UFO’s anymore. My buddies just stopped talking about them altogether. Phil even says his abduction never happened now. Says he was drunk, but I don’t believe him. Conspiracies don’t just stop if people stop talking about them. Or maybe the ships just stopped coming around 2001, I don’t know. It seems highly unlikely.

I do see a few UFO documentary reruns on Discovery channel, and there are a few guys still doing some good modern Bigfoot research these days. But why is it that all the conspiracy experts like you never cover any of the older theories anymore? Ok, the building seven controlled demolition 9/11 stuff was interesting for a while. And, like I said, I do keep up with all the new theories you guys cover. It all seems true. But I really think alien abduction is a much more important issue.

So as a conspiracy theory veteran, I really think we need to start covering all our national conspiracies equally from here on. Not just move on to the next one before the last one gets solved. Until we can prove all these theories are true—once and for all. That’s my dream.

I understand this might take a while, but I’ve already raised my children to follow conspiracies, and now they’re rising their children to do the same. Hell, my grandson’s becoming an actor to try an infiltrate the government’s deep state crisis method actor program. We sure are proud of him.

If you still need to keep the main focus on the 9/11 stuff, I understand, but if there’s any way you can start covering UFO’s again I’d really appreciate it.


A crowd points to a UFO flying over the Chrysler Building in Manhattan; photograph, 1951. (Photo by GraphicaArtis/Getty Images)

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