August 27, 2017, Author: wordvendor,

(Warning – rational, political thoughts)

(This post has the potential of making you feel a little better, but at the same time a lot worse?) But it just dawned on me what’s actually going on. I was thinking last night of how North Korea just fired those missiles, basically crossing our little Mr. fire and furry boys line in the sand – but at the same time we all know he can’t do any preemptive strike against them without it potentially starting WWIII. So that’s when I got a little worried, since any rational, conscious, or even semi-conscious person at this point can see (unless you’re still ignoring it for some selfish reason) that unfortunately, our beloved countries potus is completely unstable. But at the same time (and this has seemed odd to me the more it’s been happening) how so many intelligent, competent, dignified, rational minded thinkers (all past or current military commanders) have had no problem taking authoritative positions around this unstable dip shit…And that’s when it hit me, and I’m not ever sure if it’s a term yet, but the words just fell out of my mouth as a way to explain it – that what they’re doing is basically imposing the world’s first military soft coup. Yep, they’ve out-smarted this dip shit and have gladly taken those positions (around him) as a way of being our first line of defense – from him. So I feel a little better now – not really though. If there is a god, please help us.

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